Mission of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

, Kyiv 14:46

NATO – Ukraine cooperation in peace-support operations

Ukraine’s contribution to NATO peace support activities

Among NATO partners, Ukraine is the only country that participated in all major NATO-led operations and missions.

At this stage, Ukrainian national contingent performs tasks as part of NATO’s “Resolute Support” (RS) - training and advisory mission in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the multinational NATO forces (KFOR) in Kosovo, Republic of Serbia. Likewise, Ukraine provides support for NATO naval operation “Active Endeavour”.

NATO training and advisory mission in Afghanistan – “Resolute Support”

There are 10 Ukrainian national personnel participating in RS mission.

The main tasks of Ukrainian staff include:

  • Conducting engineering exploration of routes, objects and local ground;
  • Implementation of measures to counter improvised explosive devices and neutralization of explosive objects;
  • On rotation as a part of fast response detachment forces;
  • Providing special support to Lithuanian national contingent;
  • On average, in one year, Ukrainian sappers defuse about 12000-15000 of explosive items, including improvised explosive devices.

NATO operation – KFOR

Ukrainian national contingent numbers 40 military personnel and was formed on the basis of Ukraine’s Armed Forces engineering regiments on a rotational basis.

Composition of the contingent: engineering unit, special operative group in KFOR HQ (part of Joint Group of logistic support) and the ensuring element.

The main tasks of the contingent include:

Heavy engineering unit performs tasks of organizing and conducting mine safety measures in the interests of both KFOR and local population, performs exploration of ways of departure for multinational forces divisions, demining and disposal of explosive devices, support EU mission EULEX convoys, and other engineering tasks throughout KFOR area of responsibility.

NATO counter-terrorism operation in the Mediterranean – “Active Endeavour” (OAE)

At this stage, work continues in order to achieve full operational capacity by national contact point, deployed by Naval Forces of Ukraine HQ (Odesa). It is involved in OAE on an ongoing basis in order to maintain the mutual exchange of information (of open and classified character) on security situation in the Mediterranean and Black sea regions with NATO states, to ensure safety of civilian shipping.