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Ukraine concerned over intensification of NATO-Russia contacts amid Moscow’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine: Envoy | 07 December 2017, 09:15

Head of Ukraine’s Mission to NATO, Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko has expressed concern to an UNIAN correspondent in Brussels over the intensification of NATO's communication with Russia against the background of the continuing military aggression against Ukraine on the part of the Russian Federation.
Interview | Source: УНІАН | Author: Ірина Сомер

Vadym Prystaiko, Head of Ukraine's Mission to NATO: "NATO's position remains unchanged: Russia has to get out of Ukraine" | 24 October 2017, 16:06

Ukraine's new ambassador to the alliance has started an important stage in his diplomatic career in the period of bringing the state's policy to the Euro-Atlantic course, the ultimate goal of which is gaining membership of NATO.
Interview | Source: Укрінформ | Author: Андрій Лавренюк

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