Mission of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Kyiv 01:37

Energy security and stable gas supply remain in focus of the Ukraine-NATO dialogue

17 November 2014, 18:28

On 17 November 2014, the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the Deputy Permanent Representatives level on energy security took place at NATO Headquarters. From the Ukrainian side the meeting was attended by Chairman of the Board of „Naftogaz of Ukraine” A.Kobolev.

The exchange of views and coordination of positions on urgent issues of energy security, including stable gas supply, at the European area on the background of large-scale „hybrid war” pursued by Russia against Ukraine were continued during the meeting.

The Ukrainian side stressed that despite the specific approaches to this issue from the Russian side our country will continue to fulfill its obligations concerning the transit of gas through our territory.

North American, Western and Eastern European NATO allies unanimously assured the immutability of his firm stand to support Ukraine in a difficult situation with gas supply, inter alia through the reverse supply.

The participants of the meeting concluded that mutual respect, transparency in gas relations and de-politicization of the issue, especially from the Russian side, are the key to the energy security.


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