Mission of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Kyiv 12:45

The transition of the defense and security sector of Ukraine to the NATO standards up to the future membership in the Alliance was schematized - President on the new Law

05 July 2018, 16:19

He also says that the preparation of constitutional amendments on the implementation of the goal enshrined in this Law  is now being completed: "We will submit a draft of the relevant amendments to the Constitution to the Ukrainian Parliament". The Head of State called this Law historic and said that the Ukrainian authorities, representatives of the defense and security sector, our international partners had been working on it for more than two years.

The President emphasizes that the given law is historic, as interoperability of the defense and security sector with the defense capacities of NATO will be achieved for the first time due to the combination of three other laws.

“Revolutionary changes take place in the security and defense sector of Ukraine. The law stipulates fundamental national interests of Ukraine that must be defended by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other security structures,” the President emphasized, noting hard work over that document.

According to the new law, the security structures must first of all protect state sovereignty and territorial integrity, independence of our state, democratic constitutional system and prevent interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

"Today, Ukraine has much better opportunities to protect itself," he said, stressing that this became possible due to the hard work that "created a new army, new police virtually from scratch, restored the National Guard, significantly strengthened the capabilities of the Security Service of Ukraine".

The President also outlined another fundamental principle of security: sustainable development of the national economy, civil society and state aimed to ensure the increase in the level and quality of life of the population.

The President noted that the Law schematized the transition of the defense and security sector of our country to the rules, principles and standards of NATO. He noted that "before 2014, according to the legislation of Ukraine, representatives, experts, advisers of NATO were banned from entering the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

"To date, positions have been adopted to ensure effective cooperation and interoperability, up to the future membership," the President emphasized, describing the radical changes in the security and defense sector of Ukraine.