Mission of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Kyiv 12:46

President on the aftermath of the NATO Summit in Brussels: Nobody will manage to block Ukraine’s accession to NATO

12 July 2018, 19:53

President Petro Poroshenko underlines the success of the NATO Summit in Brussels. “What are my personal impressions from today’s session? Every speaker, and 19 heads of state and government took the floor, said that the support for Ukraine should mean the acceleration of Ukraine’s membership prospect. It was a specific discussion. Absolutely firm positions and wishes were expressed,” he noted.

"I believe that it demonstrates the attitude towards Ukraine and the policy of open doors. In yesterday's Summit Declaration, the "open door" policy was once again emphasized, the decision of the Bucharest Summit was confirmed and it was clearly stated that nobody can block this process," Petro Poroshenko stressed.

The Head of State especially emphasizes that the results of his visit to Brussels confirm that NATO's doors to Ukraine are open. "What do we need to do? Friends, we need to change the country. We need to make reforms, we need to provide interoperability, we need to ensure the transition to NATO standards of defense and security. And I think that we have advanced quite efficiently and far enough," Petro Poroshenko said.

“I will not tell any date, but I would like to emphasize that no one, including the Russian Federation, will manage to block Ukraine’s accession to NATO. And it has been pointed out today in the speeches of all the heads of state and government that took part in the discussion. This is a sovereign right of the Ukrainian people and I, as President, will defend this sovereign right," the Head of State said.

Petro Poroshenko also emphasized: "The key position facing Ukraine is NATO membership. I stand firmly on these positions. I am happy because the majority of Ukrainians share this position".

According to him, Ukraine still has to do its "homework", but all the participants of the Summit confirmed that we have a prospect of membership. "I think that to this day we have advanced very far ahead. It's not possible to ignore it. It’s not possible to ignore changes in the Armed Forces. Ignoring changes in the armament is not possible. Ignoring changes in the defense and security sector is not possible. Ignoring foreign policy principled position of the country is also impossible,” he added.

The President also noted that the adoption of the National Security Law was important for our partners from NATO. "It was also clearly stated that we are cooperating very effectively, and the law opens new enormous opportunities for reforming the security and defense sector, including parliamentary control., transparency of financing and public control. And practically every speech supported the real achievements that the Ukrainian authorities have demonstrated recently," Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

He also recalled the EU-Ukraine Summit and added that both events of such level showed a very high support of Ukraine. "We have the unity of the European Union. We have the unity of NATO member states. And for today there is no fatigue that Russians and the fifth column inside the country wanted to see," the President added.

The Head of State expressed content with the outcome of the Summit.