Mission of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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Ukraine concerned over intensification of NATO-Russia contacts amid Moscow’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine: Envoy

07 December 2017, 09:15

Head of Ukraine’s Mission to NATO, Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko has expressed concern to an UNIAN correspondent in Brussels over the intensification of NATO's communication with Russia against the background of the continuing military aggression against Ukraine on the part of the Russian Federation.

The comment followed a press conference by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg who told reporters that the Alliance was renewing contacts with Russia along the military lines of communication.

Pristaiko recalled that because of Russian aggression in Ukraine, NATO ceased practical cooperation with Russia, leaving diplomatic channels open.

"At the same time, the Allies, especially recently, are trying to communicate [with Russia] more and more, using the open lines of communication they have initially announced.That is, NATO's policy of a bilateral dialogue – when on the one hand there is deterrence and defense, and on the other hand there is support for dialogue – remain in place. But what really concerns us is that part of this dialogue is becoming more active, it’s when it is already difficult to tell how it is different from returning to ‘business as usual’," said the Ukrainian Ambassador.

In this regard, he noted that six meetings of the Russia-NATO Council had been held recently (at the ambassadorial level), while contacts at the higher military level were also being restored.

"This can not but be a matter of concern for the Ukrainian side," Prystaiko concluded.

Source:  |  УНІАН Author: Ірина Сомер

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