Mission of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Kyiv 12:47

NATO – Ukraine cooperation within “Partnership for Peace”

“Partnership for Peace” (PfP) – is a program of practical bilateral cooperation between NATO and individual partner countries, through which, these countries can develop relations with NATO, independently determining their own priorities for cooperation.

The essence of PfP is the partnership between NATO and a partner country, which is formed on the individual basis, according to the individual needs of the country, and is implemented jointly at the level and with speed, chosen by the government of each participating country.

Ukraine joined PfP on February 8, 1994 after the signing of the relevant document.

Within the PfP the following programs and projects are being implemented:

NATO initiative on building integrity and transparency of defence institutions

Objective: in Ukrainian defence and security structures, to assist the establishment of effective, virtuous and transparent management; strengthening mechanisms for combating and preventing corruption; improvement of resource management.

Main methods: organisation and conduct of self-assessment of defence and security institutions to identify corruption risks and threats; based on this, make recommendations and subsequently implement them; organise and conduct training courses on anti-corruption issues; within the initiative, create the circle of national experts.

NATO experts provide practical advice on the implementation of jointly defined priorities and objectives within the above-mentioned NATO initiative.

The program for professional development of civilian personnel employed in Ukrainian security institutions

Objective: through a single program, to assist the preparation of civilian personnel of Ukrainian security and defence institutions, capable in their official activities to introduce and implement systematic government reforms.

Main methods: conduct of seminars, round tables, internships, training courses in Ukraine and abroad with financial support from NATO.

NATO “Defence Education Enhancement Program Program” (DEEP)

Objective: to assist the managing and teaching staff of Ukrainian military educational institutions in raising their level of training in the interests of improving the system of military education.

Areas of cooperation: development of distance education; innovative methods of education and teaching; language training; leadership; management theory; psychological training; psychological, legal and practical aspects of warfare; NATO standards regarding command and control systems; short-term courses for the leadership; foundations of air operations; exchange of experience gained in NATO operations; war games and computer simulation exercises; civil-military relations; information security; training of HQs officers; psychological support for HQs during deployment operations; communication skills of an instructor or a commander; mathematical modelling of security issues; economic security.

NATO Trust Fund in utilising small arms and light weapons and conventional ammunition in Ukraine

Objective: to attract international assistance to utilise the excess/obsolete small arms and light weapons, conventional munitions and anti-personnel mines PFM-1.

Said Trust Fund is the largest in the world in terms of its kind.

Objective: to assist in utilising:

  • 1st phase (2006 – 2010, completed) – 400 thousand units of SALW, 1 thousand of MANPADS and 15 thousand tons of ammunition.
  • 2nd phase (2012 – 2017, in process) – 366 thousand units of SALW and 36.3 thousand tons of ammunition, 76 thousand tons of conventional munitions, 3 million units of anti-personnel mines PFM-1.
  • 3rd phase – 366 thousand units of SALW and 39.3 thousand tons of ammunition, 3 million units of anti-personnel mines PFM-1.
  • 4th phase – 368 thousand units of SALW and 42.4 thousand tons of ammunition.